Ficus Education provides turnkey education benefits that enable employers to offer debt-free college to team members. Ficus Education was founded to meet a growing administration, technology and billing need of a large group of independent Chick-fil-A Operators across the US for their employer-sponsored higher education benefits program.

Today, we are proud to welcome Chick-fil-A Operators and business leaders to our growing network of employers strengthening their businesses and enriching the lives of their team members. We administer employer-sponsored higher education benefits to more than 350 employers and help nearly 2,000 employees start their path to earning debt-free college education. 

Pricing Structure Designed for Employers

Our subscription-based pricing structure of education benefits allows team members to receive tuition-free, debt-free college education while mitigating the financial risks posed by other tuition assistance or education benefits programs. 

The advantages:

  • Monthly flat fee - no surprise fees!
  • Subscription rates tailored to size of the employer
  • Pricing does not fluctuate if more team members utilize the benefit
  • Capped investment 
  • Access to college education for all team members
  • Includes coverage for associates, bachelors and masters degrees
  • No debt! Tuition is covered and there are limited to no need for student loans.

Our Employer-Sponsored Higher Education Benefits Include:

Benefits administration: We handle all tasks associated with offering employer-sponsored higher education benefits including implementation,  promotion, applicant tracking, and billing.

Billing: Our state-of-the-art billing technology helps make invoice management and processing more efficient. Our flat rate, subscription pricing structure also ensures that employers do not experience any month-to-month pricing variances. 

Web App: Our proprietary web app allows employers to track the student journey from interest in college education to applying for school. The app helps employers walk hand-in-hand with interested team members to successfully start them on their journey to higher education. 

Return-On-Investment (ROI) Measurement: We work with employers to measure the ROI of their employer-sponsored higher education benefits, so they can assess the impact on employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Recruiting & Retention Efforts: We collaborate with our customers to help utilize their employer-sponsored higher education benefits for recruitment in addition to raising awareness for the opportunity for tuition free college with current team members to retain talent. 

Ongoing Support: Our team is available to provide guidance, consultation and white glove customer service at every step of the process to successfully offer employer-sponsored higher education benefits to employees. 

Preferred Partner for 5000 Futures

Ficus Education is the preferred partner for education benefits for 5000 Futures, a Guardian Independent Operators Association (GIOA) initiative. The 5000 Futures initiative aims to change the lives of more than 5,000 individuals by supporting Chick-fil-A Operators with education benefits that empower their teams and positively influence the community.  Learn more at

5000 Futures logo
Point University logo and entrance of J. Smith Lanier II Academic Center on campus

Our Higher Education Partner

Founded in 1937, Point University is an accredited four-year university located in West Point, Georgia. The private, Christian university provides online education for students to earn associates, bachelors or masters degrees. Point University offers a character core path for students not interested in biblical studies. The subscription program, Elevate, provides the following: 

  • Asynchronous learning - independent study and assignment completion so students can successfully balance course load with work and personal life
  • Online courses completed in an 8-week session
  • Students can earn an associates in 2 years or a bachelors degree in 4 years, if desired

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Ficus tree seedling growth stages and sfrom the soil

Meaning Behind Our Name

The hardy Ficus tree stabilizes soil and prevents erosion by forming a deep root system. The dropped leaves of a Ficus tree enrich the soil with nutrients and create a fertile environment for growth. 

The relationship between employers, employees, and the wider community can be compared to the story of the Ficus tree and its deep root system. Just as the Ficus tree stabilizes the soil and prevents erosion, employers can provide a stable and supportive environment for their employees to grow via college education by partnering with Ficus Education.