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Our team at Ficus Education is here to help you implement employer-sponsored higher education benefits that work for your team members and for your business. Still have questions? Contact our team or schedule a free consultation session to learn more. 

What is Employer-Sponsored Higher Education (ESHE)?

Employer-Sponsored Higher Education -- or ESHE -- refers to a program in which an employer offers educational benefits to their employees to support their pursuit of higher education, typically through a college or university. The goal of this program is to provide employees with the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge while working, and ultimately to advance their careers.

How does Ficus Education help employers provide debt free college education to team members?

Ficus Education provides turn-key employer-sponsored higher education benefits so customers can offer debt-free education to team members with none of the hassle. We handle all administrative tasks including program design, billing, technology and support of marketing to raise awareness of the education benefits with employees.

We partner with accredited universities and colleges to provide tuition-free degree programs for employees. Ficus Education also provides a proprietary web app to track the student journey and success of the program.

Who is Point University?

Point University is a private, Christian university in West Point, Georgia that offers online associates, bachelor's and master's degrees across more than 25 fields of study such as business, criminal justice, education, ministry, psychology, and more. The university also offers several online programs for working professionals.

Point University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), which is the regional accrediting body for colleges and universities in the southern United States. Accreditation ensures that the university meets certain standards for academic quality and institutional effectiveness.

What is 5000 Futures?

5000 Futures is an initiative by Guardian Independent Association of Operators (GIOA) to change more than 5000 lives by providing education to team members. Ficus Education is the preferred vendor of the 5000 Futures initiative. Learn more at 

What happens if a team member attending college and utilizing the employer-sponsored higher education benefits is no longer employed by my organization?

Team members who quit or are otherwise no longer employer with the sponsoring organization are ineligible to continue receiving employer-sponsored higher education benefits. Team members enrolled will be permitted to finish their current 8-week course(s). After that point, the former team member  will be responsible for all costs including tuition, fees, books or otherwise moving forward. There are no requirements for the individual to "pay back" or reimburse the employer or university for the classes already taken.

Is there a limit on the number of employees who can enroll in the employer-sponsored higher education benefits program?

No, there are no limits! With the Ficus Education subscription-based pricing model, any employee who meets the eligibility requirements can take advantage of the employer-sponsored higher education benefits. There is no limit on the number of employees who can enroll. The pricing structure is flat fee and all inclusive so the investment level remains consistent regardless of number of participating team members. This enables all team members to attend college free of charge while mitigating financial risk to the employer.

What does it cost for employers to offer employer-sponsored higher education benefits from Ficus Education?

Monthly investment level is tailored to the sponsoring employer. Fees are based on overall revenue and total team member or employee count.

We offer a flat-fee pricing model, which means that all eligible employees can take advantage of the program for free. Please contact our team to explore our subscription model and estimate investment level for your organization. 

Is there a minimum commitment period to offer employer-sponsored higher education benefits?

Our recommended base term is a 2-year commitment. We also offer extended terms to lock-in pricing for longer timeframes. To learn more about our options including our various terms, please contact our team to set up a free consulting call.

Can team members attend class on campus?

At this time, employer-sponsored higher education benefits from Ficus Education are only available for online programs at Point University. 

Can employers offer education benefits to part-time employees?

Yes, employers can offer education benefits to both part-time and full-time employees. Under Section 127 of the Internal Revenue Code, employers can provide up to $5,250 per year in tax-free educational assistance to their employees, regardless of whether they are part-time or full-time. This means that even employees who work part-time or have other obligations can take advantage of this benefit and further their education. 

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