The Employer Journey

With our employer-sponsored higher education benefits, organizations can offer a debt free pathway to college without the risk of uncapped costs.

  • Subscription level tailored to the size of your organization
  • Flat, all-inclusive monthly investment 
  • No incremental costs for more employees to utilize the benefits 
  • More than 25 areas of study at an accredited four-year university
  • Associate, bachelor's and master's degrees available 

Easy As 1-2-3

Our Hassle Free Process for Organizations to Offer Employer-Sponsored Higher Education Benefits

1. Schedule a Free Consultation with Ficus Education

Connect with Ficus Education to learn how our employer-sponsored education benefits can support your recruitment, retention and talent development initiatives.  Learn more about our subscription-based pricing structure and its benefits to your company, employees and local community. CLICK HERE to schedule your consultation now!

2. Sign Up

Start a subscription with Ficus Education that is tailored to your business needs including term length and investment level. Once you start a subscription, Ficus Education will provide you with marketing and communication tools to successfully roll out the education benefits with your team. 

Ficus Education also offers a proprietary web-based app for all customers that provides real-time updates on team member interest, enrollment numbers, student progress and more. This enables organizations to monitor the effectiveness of the education benefits and make adjustments as needed.

3. Launch! 

Work with Ficus Education and the higher education partner, Point University, to set up a launch meeting to announce the new benefits to your team members. This includes a tailored roll-out plan with resources for your team members to learn more. 


I'm Interested!

Generational Change Starts Here

Earning a college degree provides benefits to employees including:

  • Increase your earning potential
  • Provide additional job security
  • Give access to additional benefits
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The ROI of Higher Education Benefits
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