The Average Student Spends...



each year for a 4-year degree

(including books, supplies, daily living expenses)

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in interest each year



years paying off loans

The student debt crisis in the United States continues to increase. The cost of four year public and four year private college has nearly tripled since 1980, while financial grants, like the federal Pell Grant only cover a third of the cost of college (down from covering 80% in 1975). Middle to low income families have no choice but to take out student loans to afford a college education.

What is the Solution?

We need a new model for higher education, especially for lower to middle income individuals. That is where employer-sponsored higher education benefits from Ficus Education can help. Through Ficus Education, employers can invest an annual flat fee that opens the doors for free education to all your employees. This not only helps solve the increasing barriers to entry to a college education for the average person, but also helps you as their employer!

Did you know that:

  • In 2022, the overall cost of voluntary employee turnover amounted to over $1 trillion
  • It costs 33% of an employee's annual salary to replace them if they leave

By offering free higher education (associates, bachelor's and master's degrees) to your employees as part of their employment package, you will increase your employee retention: those pursuing one will want to stay employed and earn their college degree!

It also allows you to deeply impact your employees as well as your business and local community. You can take already valuable employees and make them thrive by reinvesting through higher education! This increases the value to you as their employer and can create generational change for them and their families.

Help Your Team Members Earn Debt Free College

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